Friday, December 12, 2008

Fighting Words / Art News

Been a while since I did one of these posts, so let's catch up shall we?
  • I did a workshop this morning at an elementary school in Kingston, WA, where I talked to some teachers about how to show kids how to do comics.  You know what they say: those who can't do, teach.  Those who can't teach... um... try to show other people how to teach.

    I have a decent little presentation put together, so if any other schools in the Puget Sound area want to bring me in to give a talk, send me an email at nomind (at) And if you want to pay me to do it... well, I know how all you teachers here in Washington state are rolling in dough these days!

    Someone also sent me a great link recently for a group called "The Comic Book Project," which seeks "to help children forge an alternative pathway to literacy by writing, designing, and publishing original comic books." Check it out...

  • I've updated the "Commercial Art" post to include a finished logo and sign design that I did for a local restaurant that's opening up soon, and I also put up a link to some Flash slideshows that I'm doing for clients of my dad, a wedding photographer.  The slideshows are probably the classiest thing I've done as a designer (they include great music by a local musician)... if you're a freelance photographer looking to add a new product or promotional tool, send me an email at nomind (at)

  • I've also started taking website design and construction jobs (links coming soon), and I'm even doing a tattoo design for a friend of mine. Someday, I'll do a page on my site with all of the non-Fighting Words projects that I've been working on...

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