Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Fighting Words News: Commercial Art...

Personally, my output of actual artwork is a bit lower than some other cartoonists (they're machines, I tells ya!). However, I have been doing a bit of extra commercial artwork lately in an effort to make ends meet. Here's a sneak preview of some of my work (please excuse the watermarks):
  • Here's a T-Shirt design I did for a coffee shop chain and maker of handmade chocolates in Seattle, Chocolati (owned by a friend of mine). Not sure when these are going to be available, but I believe all profits will be going to charity... also they make the best damn truffles on the planet:

    (Click on thumbnails)

  • I did a couple of shirt designs for another coffee shop in Kingston, WA... not sure when these will be available either, but it's a cool little joint, if you ever find yourself in Kitsap County:

    Here's a company logo I did for Coastal:

  • I'm doing a whole line of shirts for my pals at Not A Number in Seattle (1905 N. 45th) featuring some of the possible and confirmed Democratic candidates for President in '08. This may be a much bigger line (including some shirts making fun of Republicans), but it looks like we're going to start with a couple out of these:

    Here's another design for Not A Number, for Hempfest in Seattle:

  • Here's a couple versions of a highly customized design I did for a gift shop in the Pike Place Market:

  • I did a shirt design for a big summer seminar hosted by my Aikido dojo. Here are some different backs and fronts:

  • Some designs I did for a contest held by Robert Greenwald's Brave New Films:

  • Here's a logo and street sign design that I did for a new restaurant in Kingston, WA called "The Grub Hut":

  • I'm doing Flash slideshows for clients of my dad, a wedding photographer. These shows are perfect for freelance photographers looking to add a new product or promotional item:

  • MARCH 2009 -- I've moved my design work postings to my website... check them out here from now on!

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Lena said...

I'm Russian and I really need your help!

Well, I want to clear it out what I'm looking for - words that were created especially for advertising and PR, brand-names, etc. They may be quite common nowadays, but I really need to know what words appeared thanks to advertising.

So, I have to find information about English words that appeared in advertising (no matter how long ago), but the fact is that here, in Russia, I cannot find such information. And I'm at a loss.

For example, some brand-names were neologisms as Tefal (there wasn't such a word before it), sometimes words are created to attract attention... to catch teenager's attention in most cases. Like Bamboocha in Fanta's ads.
Can you remember any television advertisements where they created new words?

Email me, please.
Have a nice day!