Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Note to self

I was up very late the other night examining a masterpiece... an unparalleled example of human creativity at it's highest levels.

Here is a note that I scribbled to myself, verbatim:

Take relatively simple idea and present it with the utmost imagination, holding the audience's attention at every moment. The genius here is in the minutia, the subtle ideas of movement, timing, atmosphere, sound, music, and the perfect mix of obvious and unexpected, usually with a deeper literary or allegorical meaning that is only slightly alluded to.

Was I watching an experimental dance of some kind? A ballet? A beautiful foreign film?

Hell no:

Chuck Jones = super-genius.

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Brubaker said...

Jones definately had an impact on me as a child and still do, even on his late '60s "Tom and Jerry" cartoons (they were, in fairness, better than the ones that MGM outsourced to Eastern Europe for a short time).

It's a shame most animated shows today don't have the creative energy as present in these shows. There are exceptions (I can think of three) but otherwise those are it.