Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yes... I still hate the Yankees...

I was a little worried after last season, when the Yankees failed to make the playoffs for the first time since 1993, that I would have to stop hating them... that they might become, like, the underdogs now or something.

Nuh-uh. Nope.

With today's signing of Mark Teixeira, their off-season spending spree is now up to $423.5 million. ESPN news just ran a graphic showing some other things that could be bought with that kind of money, including something like 25% of the entire General Motors Company. But an even more galling figure is $1.3 billion -- the price tag for their brand new stadium opening up in April:
The new stadium on the north side of 161st Street is 63 percent larger than the old, with four merchandise stores instead of one, and 13 restaurants, lounges and food courts for the public, including a martini bar and a steak house that figure to become a destination for Wall Street's elite. There are 51 available luxury suites priced from $600,000 to $850,000 each, up from 19 at the old ballpark.

I say every other team in baseball should slash their ticket prices in half for games against the Yankees next year, so everybody who's struggling through our new Great Depression can go "explain" to them exactly how we feel about this.

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Brian said...

I hear ya Abell.

Even the Red Sox (so far) look to be avoiding the luxury tax in '09.

And please Baseball Jesus, let the Mariners win the AL West this year.

For what it's worth, I'll only be attending PawSox and Brockton Rox games this year.