Tuesday, July 04, 2006

More on Racism, GOP...

Check out Earl Ofari Hutchinson on the Republican leadership's shameless indulging of white Southern racism; Hazel Trice Edney on the rehashing of 40-year-old arguments regarding the Voting Rights Act; Samantha Levine in the Houston Chronicle, who quotes Rep. John Carter (R-TX) as saying, "I don't think we have racial bias in Texas anymore" (.... uh huh...); Margaret Kimberly on civil liberties "advancements" in South Dakota and Georgia; and Edward Lazarus and Charles Lane on a couple of cases that will allow the retrogressive Roberts Court to re-examine Brown next year.

See also an utterly disturbing report from New Orleans by Bill Quigley, who, besides giving a laundry list of seemingly insurmountable problems faced by the city, also notes that "not a single dollar of federal housing repair or home reconstruction money has made it to New Orleans yet." I am compelled to point again to an earlier post by Juan Cole, who predicted that most of the promised money would never arrive because rebuilding New Orleans is not politically advantageous for Republicans. As pessimistic as I am, when I read this I laughed it off. The fact that it seems to be coming true is, quite simply, obscene.

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