Friday, July 07, 2006


If you haven't purchased your copy of Attitude 3 yet, what're you waitin' for, yo? Buy it now at Amazon, or your local Barnes & Noble.

Though I don't have an entry up in my store, I do have a few copies here... if you want a signed one from me, with a personalized message and a sketch of your favorite (or least-favorite -- my default is Bush!) character from a Fighting Words cartoon, shoot me an email at

Personally, at first glance I was a little resistant to the more "minimalist" or outwardly repetitive works like Michael Zole's Death to the Extremist, Chris Dlugosz's Pixel, Robert Balder's Partially Clips, and Ryan North's Daily Dinosaur Comics (even though some of them probably have a much wider readership than I do!). But after spending some time reading them, I think they offer some of the most enjoyable and innovative dialogue in comics today. Definitely better than the crap you'll see in your typical daily newspaper.

I guess I of all people should know better than to be so visually superficial...

BTW: I'm aware that there's something weird going on with the archive... a second window is popping up when you click on an archived 'toon. I've dispatched a team of experts from my IT department to work on the problem (...meaning my webmaster is looking into it)...

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