Monday, July 10, 2006

More on Cheney...

Check out Charlie Savage on the strangle-hold exerted by the office of the Vice President over new pieces of legislation through the use of "signing statements," a clearly unconstitutional practice cultivated by Cheney C-o-S David Addington (who, if you couldn't tell, was the green snake, with Scooter Libby as the blue snake); Murray Waas, who reports that Bush directed Cheney to publicly reveal portions of the highly-classified NIE in an effort to smear Joe Wilson (no doubt at Cheney's behest -- Bush probably can't spell "highly-classified"); David Remnick on the Agnew-esque tactics used by Cheney with regards to confronting unfavorable media reports; Ken Herman on Cheney reviving his "last throes" theory; and Dan Froomkin and Robert Parry on "The One Percent Doctrine," Ron Suskind's report on a bizarre Cheney foreign-policy "standard of action that would frame events and responses from the Administration for years to come."

See also the Frontline report on "The Dark Side"” (archived on the NPR site), which investigates the internal dynamics of the Bush administration during the run-up to war in Iraq, and documents the sweeping influence wielded by Cheney over foreign policy decisions.

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