Friday, July 21, 2006

Greed and Sports

The Onion, as always, gives us a unique perspective on the matter...

There's a running debate going on right now in Seattle as to whether any of us should give a crap that the Sonics have one foot out the door. One school of thought, even among some die-hard sports fans I know, is that it is simply inexcusable for multi-millionaire players and multi-billionaire owners to expect the public to pay for new arenas and stadiums every 10 years, when there are so many more important things to spend money on. While I agree that this would probably be true in places like Detroit or Pittsburgh or New Orleans, I am of the opinion that the Seattle area is so freakin' rich, I could give a crap if upper-middle class restaurant-goers have to pay an extra 50-cent luxury tax on their salmon dinners to pay for stadium improvements... I just want to watch my teams, man. Billionaire owners and millionaire players come and go, but Sonics fans who've been following and enjoying their team for years should not be expected to just hand it over at the whim of some corporate types, city council members, or henpecking "activists" who don't like sports and think nobody else should either.

So there.

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