Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Debate Deux

I found it interesting that David Gergen, in CNN's post-debate cluck-fest, said he thinks Obama's "blackness" (his word) will automatically cost him 5 points on election day... as if that many people who go into the booth fully intending to vote for Obama will all change their mind at the last second when they remember he's a black guy.  I usually like Gergen's levelheaded analyses, but you gotta wonder here what century he thinks he's living in... or more to the point, if he's actually correct, what century that 5% of voting Americans think they're living in.

Matt has a 'toon on the subject...

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Brian said...

Oh man, I was drunk by the end of that debate, so I wasn't sure if CNN really had that many Chatty Cathies at the desk when it was over or if I was just seeing double.