Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More on TV "journalism" personalities...

Articles and sources for this week's 'toon, on the media in general:
  • Think Progress is all over the Paris coverage extravaganza, including Katie Couric's hypocrisy on the subject.

  • While Danny Schechter marks the 20th anniversary of Manufacturing Consent, Rupert Murdoch looks to take his lovely propaganda model to the Wall Street Journal. Thankfully, it looks like he won't be successful... not that it would make much of a difference given the leanings of the Journal's editorial page.

    And, just how big of an "asshole" (I just couldn't think of a better word in the cartoon) is Bill O'Reilly? Big enough to stalk you in the parking lot of your local grocery store, whether you want to talk to him or not.

  • For a look at the right way to do broadcast journalism (from two giants in the profession), see a lengthy interview with Bill Moyers by Amy Goodman.
On the media and the 2008 election:
  • Paul Krugman writes about the media's silly obsession with the "authenticity" of the candidates. Every four years, it inevitably turns the competition for a very important job into an adolescent popularity contest, a puerile struggle for the affection of media personalities instead of the hearts and minds of voters.
On the "Dobber" and immigration:
  • Go read David Neiwert's post, titled "Lou Dobbs Goes Off the Rails," on the CNN anchor's propensity for getting his "facts" from white supremacists. He also points out that while Dobbs only claims to get his hate on when it comes to "illegal" immigrants, his bizarre reporting on leprosy and the Spanish-language national anthem would seem to vilify anybody who might be named Hernandez, Rodriguez, etc.

    See also my previous post on the Dobber, and a debate that I had with a commenter. My opinion of Lou has soured considerably since that post.

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