Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More on Global Warming skeptics...

Quick list of articles for this week's 'toon:
  • James Wolcott has a good column on Rush Limbaugh as the poster-boy for Global Warming skepticism. See also Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on some of the corporate lackeys who are trying to drive the debate on the environment into the mystical right-wing land of Narnia, where animals can talk, magic is common, good battles evil, and environmentalism equals tyranny.

  • Check out the recent Frontline episode, Hot Politics, which is now posted online. Among the points made in this episode, they suggest that the Clinton administration is as much to blame for current environmental policy as Bush II is. As proof, they cite Clinton's bungling when they were supposed to submit the negotiated Kyoto protocol to the Senate for ratification. George Monbiot makes a similar argument in an excerpt from his book, How to Stop the Planet From Burning.

    It has struck me before, that when all is said and done, in some ways Dubya may end up having been a good thing for this country. Not because of anything he's done on purpose, but just because he so freakin' bad, people now actually make an effort to keep themselves informed on rather obscure issues like environmental policy. Maybe it's just me, but I don't recall a public dialogue of any kind when the Clinton administration was, in Monbiot's words, "destroying the Kyoto protocol as an effective instrument."

  • Check out a SCOTUSblog post on the Supreme Court's recent decision on global warming, and an article on the Dems close-call with a plan that would have blocked California (aka "Cah-lee-FOH-nya") from regulating greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Marilyn Berlin Snell has a good recap of a roundtable of intellectuals on global warming, almost all of whom (even the "free-market Republican") agree that there must be substantial government intervention in tackling this problem.

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