Friday, June 09, 2006

"...It's like Hitler!"

This has bothered me for a while. I'm sure someone has noticed this...

If you're a right-wing idiot who wants to suggest that certain progressive ideas are fanatical or oppressive, for the sake of logic wouldn't you want your hyperbolic reference to evoke an image of extreme left-wing authoritarianism rather than extreme right-wing authoritarianism?

Anybody notice the historical incongruity in declarations that Al Franken and Michael Moore are "just like Goebbels!" or that anti-war groups are "Nazi sympathizers"?

The ACLU? Nazis!! PETA? Just like Hitler!!

Putting aside the fact that none of these targets are empowered in any way to make decisions affecting anyone else's life, wouldn't you want to compare that particular issue advocacy group to, say, "Stalin," and a particular media figure to "Pravda?" If I were to call Glenn Beck a "dirty commie bastard," it wouldn't make much sense now would it?

Just an observation. Maybe I'll do a cartoon on it.

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