Friday, June 16, 2006

H. Res. 861

42 Democratic congressmen today made it absolutely clear to their constituents that they have no respect for reason or rationality, as they voted "Yea" on the Republicans' nonbinding resolution in recognition of BULLSHIT.

Those of us who value reason and rationality need to repay the favor in November. That means YOU, parts of Tacoma and Olympia, when you consider whether to re-elect Adam Smith. And YOU Bellingham and Everett, when you consider whether Rick Larsen deserves a job. Even if we're not going to vote for their Republican challengers, perhaps we can shoot them an email saying we'll just leave that box blank to thank them for their votes today...

Or, to take a more positive step, we can donate to Darcy Burner in the race for the Eighth District (Eastside, Bellevue). She is challenging Republican Dave Reichert, who got a fundraising visit from his buddy President Peabrain today. Note that Maria Cantwell's challenger, Mike McGavick, chose to attend his son's high school graduation, rather than being seen with the President of the United States five months before he tries to be elected to the Senate.

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