Wednesday, May 17, 2006

More on NSA...

If you haven't seen it yet, the article from USA Today (America's new leader in investigative journalism) is here. See also a Washington Post article that finally gives the caveat that I've been longing for in a report on a Bush declarative talking point (emphasis mine):
Bush made an unscheduled appearance before White House reporters and sought to shape perceptions about the surveillance while declining to acknowledge that it is taking place. He said that "the intelligence activities I authorized are lawful," but specified no source of statutory or constitutional authority.
Some other articles that I found valuable in my cartoon research this week: E&P on newspaper editorials slamming the NSA program, John Dean on the flaws in arguments in favor of Bush's exercise of expanded presidential powers, and James Risen and James Bamford give some inside details and historical background on the NSA and their domestic surveillance activities.

Finally, overall public opinion on the NSA program is apparently not so good after all for the folks who love Big Brother.


Matt Bors said...

It is refreshing to hear a reporter put a line like that in.

You'd think it would be standard practice for politicians that simply declare things to be true. Or legal.

No Mind said...

The media has been so, so bad lately. Just awful. Terrible.

I may have to make them my bitches again this week.