Tuesday, May 23, 2006

In Stores NOW!!

Attitude 3 is now in stores everywhere!! So head on down to your local Barnes & Noble and grab a copy of the book that is leaving readers "knocked out by the breadth of creativity reflected in these pages." Aside from Fighting Words, you'll get Matt Bors' Idiot Box and Brian McFadden's Big Fat Whale (both linked to the right), as well as some of my personal favorites Nicholas Gurewitch, August Pollak, Eric Millikin, Steven L. Cloud, and Mark Fiore. ALL the entries in the book are thoroughly enjoyable reads, though.

If you don't see the book on the shelf, you can still get it from Amazon... or, very soon, I will have a spot on my Store page where you can get signed copies from me! While my autograph may very well lower the overall value of the book, I promise it will be done tastefully.

...and MORE: nice words from a reader on the Comics Journal message board (via Eric Millikin's site, linked above).

UPDATE #2: ... it appears that fellow contributor M.e. Cohen has scored a gig as the editorial cartoonist at The Montclair Times in New Jersey. Congrats to him!

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