Saturday, February 04, 2006

2/6/06 Cartoon????

Well, folks, it's not looking good for a new 'toon this week. A big wind storm came through the Puget Sound area last night and knocked out my power, which means I can't scan my artwork, and it's not looking like the power's going to be up tomorrow either (since I live in "B-F, Egypt," as I heard someone put it the other day). That coupled with the home team playing in the big game tomorrow (which I will be watching elsewhere), spells doom for a spanking-new 'toon. However, I suppose that's why God invented "Repeats" (also known as "Classics," "Best-Of's," and "Oldies-But-Goodies"):

As an added bonus, here's an illustration I did last week (click to enlarge):

It's Ohio congressman Bob Ney, Tom Delay, and Jack Abramoff re-enacting a scene from Caddyshack:

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