Friday, April 10, 2009

Say That Again?

I just had to post this quote...

As you may know, one of the right-wing media's favorite things to scream about these days is the conspiracy theory that Obama intends to eliminate the United States of America and place us all under the rule of a "one-world government." So any attempt at international diplomacy is now being pointed to as an indication that Obama wants to subvert us all to the French, or whoever. This is from a recent appearance by John Bolton on the Glenn Beck show:

BOLTON: have to look underneath of it. And it's on a range of issues, not just the money supply, but gun control, the death penalty --

BECK: Global warming.

BOLTON: -- abortion, all -- global warming -- all of which are issues we can and should debate in our -- in our constitutional democratic framework. We don't need to decide them internationally. But that's what the agenda is of many people very close to the Obama administration.

BECK: OK. Thank you very much. I appreciate it, Ambassador.

Let's say that again... global warming is not something that should be discussed internationally. This man used to be United States Ambassador to the United Nations.

The Obama years are turning out to be fun for satirists after all...

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