Saturday, September 06, 2008


Obviously, I've got very little in common with Chuck Asay ideologically, but I've always respected his cartooning style, and it's hard to begrudge another cartoonist his or her own editorial slant...

However, I would like to ask him just what the heck he's trying to say with this cartoon:

Chuck Asay
Creators Syndicate Inc.
Sep 5, 2008


Kevin Moore said...

He's saying that while Democrats partied at their convention, the Republicans responded to Hurricane Gustav, putting duty to country above political expediency. Or something like that. Of course, Democrats would have had to built a time machine to move their convention forward a week so they could respond to Gustav with similar gestures of concern. And Republicans would have had to maintain that selflessness throughout their own convention, which they didn't once the real business of shouting for oil drilling and mocking "community organizers" appealed to their basic selfish instincts.

Abell Smith said...

But... they didn't DO ANYTHING. They just put off their little party for a day. He's got them all at Gustav's landfall with weepy looks on their faces, rolling up their sleeves and digging holes and stuff.

OK, so it's symbolism... he's saying they took the storm seriously, while the Democrats didn't (or, as you said, the Democrats failed to travel forward in time so they could do the same). But it's the implied meaning here that is really intellectually offensive to me... is he suggesting that this somehow redeems the party for Bush's monstrous failures during and after Katrina?