Wednesday, January 02, 2008

More on Democrat Whispering...

My guess is that the Dog Whisperer is one of those shows that people just don't "get" unless they have a dog themselves. This is unfortunate, because I think the "training" that Cesar does on that show is more beneficial to the humans than it is to the dogs. Personally, I am obsessed with that show... the techniques that he uses really click with me. Of course, it helps that I have the best dog on the face of the earth. And nobody can prove otherwise, dammit.

Anyway, I'm going to try to make these "Moron" posts a bit less substantive for a while, as I'm finally starting to make some tangible progress in my behind-the-scenes Fighting Words business. A couple of points that I wanted to make about this week's 'toon, though:
  • Glenn Greenwald has been all over the subject of congressional Democrats' misconduct lately. His argument is that "the Democratic Party in Congress is largely controlled and led by those who have enabled and affirmatively supported the worst aspects of the Bush foreign policy and the most severe abuses of our country's political values." Specifically:
    The Washington Post reports today that the Bush administration, beginning in 2002, repeatedly briefed leading Congressional Democrats on the Senate and House Intelligence Committees -- including, at various times, Jay Rockefeller, Nancy Pelosi, and Jane Harman -- regarding the CIA's "enhanced interrogation methods," including details about waterboarding and other torture measures. With one exception (Harman, who vaguely claims to have sent a letter to the CIA), these lawmakers not only failed to object to these policies, but affirmatively supported them.
    Jay Rockefeller was one of the key Democrats briefed on the torture methods who never objected. But it's far worse than that. In September, 2006, Rockefeller was one of 12 Senate Democrats to vote in favor of the Military Commissions Act, one of the principal purposes of which was to explicitly authorize the CIA's "enhanced interrogation program" to proceed (even though it continues to be illegal under the Geneva Conventions).

    Also, Greenwald makes this point about Dianne Feinstein:
    Two months ago, Dianne Feinstein used her position on the Senate Intelligence Committee to enable passage of Bush's FISA amendments, granting the President vast new warrantless surveillance powers.
    Last month, Feinstein used her position on the Senate Judiciary Committee to ensure confirmation of Bush's highly controversial judicial nominee Leslie Southwick, by being the only Committee Democrat to vote for the nomination (The Politico: "Sen. Dianne Feinstein had emerged as a linchpin in the controversial nomination").
    This week, Feinstein used her position on the Senate Judiciary Committee to enable confirmation of Bush's Attorney General nominee by ensuring that the frightened Chuck Schumer didn't have to stand alone.

    Why would she do this? Check out a previous Greenwald post, where he suggests it may have something to do with her husband getting rich off her political connections.

    Meanwhile, Harry Reid seems to think that the real political enemy today is "[Chris] Dodd and his allies," not George W. Bush. This after the former threatened to filibuster Reid's feverish attempts to capitulate to the administration on a bill that would have given retroactive immunity to telecom companies that broke the law when they helped the government spy on us.

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