Thursday, May 24, 2007

More on abortion, Gonzales v. Carhart...

Very quick list of articles and sources for this week's 'toon, cuz I'm swamped:
  • For analysis of the Court's surprise ruling (to me, anyway), check out Lyle Denniston. David Crary predicts the decision will open the floodgates for our more back-assward states to start passing legislation against abortion without any regard for women's health. And, Patrick O'Connor has President Jello-head's quote regarding possible congressional legislation allowing federal funding for abortion-rights or family planning organizations: "I will veto any legislation that... allows taxpayer dollars to be used for the destruction of human life" (except... y'know... if it's used for killin' brown people in Iraq... heh-heh).

  • For some excellent commentary on the decision, see Dalia Lithwick, Bonnie Scott Jones, Denniston, Yifat Susskind, and Joanna Grossman and Linda McClain (part one and part two).

  • Also, make sure you read Ruth Bader Ginsburg's incredible dissent in this case. It will be referred to in future cases.

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