Saturday, March 03, 2007

Please excuse...

...the general lack of noise coming from this blog. In addition to the weekly comic, I'm in the middle of a few ongoing processes (i.e. learning computer stuff) that will hopefully make the Fighting Words world even more kick-ass.

Anyhoo, here's my reaction to the latest Ann Coulter fiasco, which I haven't seen echoed anywhere else: I think what's most objectionable about her comments is, since she is supposed to be nothing more than a professional "humorist," the fact that she can't do any better than resorting to humor at the level of an eighth-grade boy.

Then again, in all fairness, I was reading Jon Stewart's America: The Book the other day, and there's a joke in there that today's Supreme Court has reached a "moderate level of diversity, with two women, one African-American, and one homosexual" (with a footnote saying, "Hint: it rhymes with 'Palia'"). I thought that was pretty funny... so I suppose that makes me a big fat hypocrite or something.

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