Thursday, January 04, 2007

Energy follow-up...

Apparently, energy is going to be a "central theme" in the upcoming State of the Union, to the extent that Dubya sez it's gonna "knock your socks off!"

How's that going to happen? Well, I'm no Pat Robertson or anything when it comes to divining the future, but I can take a wild stab...
  • ANWR! (there goes one sock)... which will buy us a whole extra year doing what we do until we get our

  • Super-cool futuristic hydrogen cells! (and sock #2 goes)

There's a classic scene in Who Killed the Electric Car of Dubya at a highly-scripted photo-op, chatting with a blue-collar Joe about the super-cool futuristic hydrogen cells around the corner that will change all of our lives. Meanwhile, Rove skulks in the background on his cell phone, plotting... something.

Think Progress has a good list of Bush's sock-shedding shockers on energy through the years.

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