Wednesday, November 15, 2006

More on Election '06...

Not too many sources for this week's 'toon... just a few quotes from some of your favorite right-wing political commentators. Here they are, if you can stomach it: Glenn Beck, Jonah Goldberg (an older quote from a running feud he had going with Glen Greenwald), Michelle Malkin ("Unhinged moonbats! Unhinged moonbats unhinged moonbats unhinged moonbats... unhinged moonbats? Unhinged moonbats!!"), Rush Limbaugh (Is he back on the hillbilly heroin? You decide...), and Karl Rove (fka "The Architect").

See also a couple of good articles on the crumbling of "Movement Conservatism" by Richard W. Behan and Paul Krugman.

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