Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Protest Music

Check out an LA Times article on the state of protest music, and Stephan Smith-Said on just why it is so objectionable that Neil Young and corporate whore-machine MTV would decry the lack of new protest music on the scene. Anybody at MTV bother to notice how many ads for military recruiters and war video games run on their channel before they put that article up?

As for Young, the LAT article notes a prescient line from a 90's Cracker tune that we've all heard a million times: "what the world needs now is another folk singer like I need a hole in my head." I'm no music expert by any means, but personally, I'm waiting for the group that is going to pick up the torch of Public Enemy and a band that I mention quite frequently here, and give sound and voice to the explosive anger I feel over current political events. Is it Tool? They're great, but not really political. System of a Down and Green Day? Maybe. How about The Coup or Anti-Flag? Tom Morello's side project, Nightwatchman? Morello himself says that Outernational is the next Rage... try them out.


Matt Bors said...

Never heard of that last band. Thanks.

No Mind said...

They have a pretty cool sound... a lot of horns over a Morello-like guitar.