Monday, August 28, 2006

Fighting Words: More on New Orleans, Katrina recovery...

Some sources for this week's 'toon:
  • Loyola law professor Bill Quigley gives a comprehensive report on "New Orleans a Year After Katrina," including revelations about the federal response such as "FEMA trailers did not arrive in the lower ninth ward until June" and "the official rate of increase in rents is 39%" (with no governmental efforts at rent control in sight).

  • An extensive pdf report by the Institute for Southern Studies on a recovery effort that is a disaster in itself, with especially good sections on the United States' failure to live up to international human rights obligations.

  • Neil deMause on the national media's glossing over issues of poverty when reporting on Katrina, quoting Slate's Jack Shafer: "What I wouldn't pay to hear a Fox anchor ask, 'Say, Bob, why are these African-Americans so poor to begin with?'"

  • John D. McKinnon on the political P.R. blitz surrounding the Katrina anniversary.

  • Two good columns by Paul Krugman on Bush economic policy, which he says resembles that of a 16th-century monarchy, and also is much more responsible for economic inequalities in society than they like to claim.

  • And, on a lighter note, check out this lexicon of "Yatspeak."

    Yeah you rite.

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